Dia 3.30 Mtrs Circle Set Black Limestone

Enhance your outdoor space with a Circle Set Black Limestone, a versatile and visually stunning natural stone option. Ideal for patios, walkways, and other landscape applications, these circular paving stones in black limestone offer durability, elegance, and a touch of modern sophistication. Explore the beauty of Circle Set Black Limestone for your landscaping project.

Transform your outdoor space and discover the timeless beauty of Circle Set Black Limestone for your landscaping project. Upgrade your outdoor aesthetics to new heights with this exquisite choice.



When it comes to designing outdoor spaces, choosing the right paving material is essential. It not only affects the functionality of the outdoor area but also its appearance. Circle Set Black Limestone is a popular choice among homeowners and designers because of its versatility, durability, and elegance.

We will explore the benefits of Circle Set Black Limestone in detail.

adjustable :The circular shape of the black limestone blocks makes it easy to create different patterns and designs, allowing designers and property owners to create unique and interesting outdoor spaces. Circle Set Black Limestone is a versatile paving material that can be used in a variety of outdoor spaces. It is suitable for patios, walkways, driveways, and other outdoor areas. 

Stylish Appearance : It is an excellent choice for those who want to create a statement and enhance the appearance of their outdoor areas. Circle Set Black Limestone is a stylish paving material that adds elegance and sophistication to any outdoor space. Its black colour compliments a variety of landscaping designs and can be used to create a bold and modern look or a more traditional and classic appearance.

long-lasting : Circle Black Limestone is a durable and long-lasting paving material. It is resistant to wear and tear and can withstand heavy traffic and adverse weather conditions. This makes it an ideal choice for high traffic areas such as driveways and walkways. Its durability ensures that it will maintain its appearance and functionality over time, reducing the need for costly repairs and replacements.

Easy to Maintain : Circle Set Black Limestone requires minimal maintenance, making it an ideal choice for busy homeowners and commercial properties. It can be easily cleaned with soap and water or a pressure washer, ensuring that it always looks clean and new. Its low maintenance feature also saves homeowners time and money in the long run.

Finally, Black Limestone is an affordable paving material that offers great value for money. Its durability, low maintenance, and stylish appearance make it an excellent investment for property owners and commercial properties. Its affordability also allows property owners to create unique and interesting outdoor spaces without breaking the bank.


3.30 Mtrs Diameter Circle Set
Sizes Number of Pieces
3.30 Mtrs 1 Set
Thickness : 22 mm Calibrated
Colour : Black Lime
Material : Limestone
Surface : Natural Riven
Edges : Hand Cut

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Additional information

Weight 1000 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 75 cm


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